Day 1 - 8 hours

Fire and I spent our first hour discussing what kind of game we should make, and we settled on a farming-based game after we saw some of the food sprites. I threw together a player while Fire worked on mashing some sprites together for early art.

Once we had a moving player, I created a UI with the square tiles Fire made with each of the tools to switch to. There was some challenge to rendering these tools to the player's hand, especially regarding the walk animation bobbing, but I pulled it off. With the tools complete, I created some tree sprites and allowed the player to destroy the tree, granting them 2 wood items. Fire created some rock sprites, and I used those to add a rock item to the game. These materials will provide a basis to build fences and walls for defense, should we reach that point of development.

Finally, I created a barn and basic UI to display when stood near the barn. 

Time taken today: 8 hours
Progress made: Not much

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